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Every 1st Sunday of the month. There are two things that we do, the Blessing of the Oil and Holy Communion. Why? Let me answer that for you since my background is COGIC, known to many as The Church of God In Christ. 

Divine Healing

The Church Of God In Christ believes in and practices Divine Healing. It is a commandment of Jesus to the Apostles (St.Mark 16:18). Jesus affirms His teachings on healing by explaining to His disciples, who were to be Apostles, that healing the afflicted is by faith (St. Luke 9:40-41). Therefore, we believe that healing by faith in God has scriptural support and ordained authority. St. James’ writings in his epistle encouraged Elders to pray for the sick, lay hands upon them and to anoint them with oil, and state that prayers with faith shall heal the sick and the Lord shall raise them up. Healing is still practiced widely and frequently in the COGIC FAITH, and testimonies of healing in our Church and in this Prayer Ministry testify to this fact.

Because we can not be in every country, state,  city, and time zone at the same time, the blessing of the oil serves as a point of contact to help you release your faith. All I can say is: “It Simply Works. “

The Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion)

The Lord’s Supper symbolizes the Lord’s death and suffering for the benefit and in place of His people. It also symbolizes the believer’s participation in the crucified Christ. It represents not only the death of Christ as the object of faith, which unites the believers to Christ, but also the effect of this act as the giving of life, strength, and joy to the soul. The communicant by faith enters into a special spiritual union of one’s soul with the glorified Christ. 

God’s word says as often as you do this, do it in remembrance of me. 


Join us every 1st Sunday of the month @ 6 am and 9 pm CST for Blessing of the Oil and Holy Communion. 

Be Blessed, 

Missionary Ellen K Clark

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